Care & Use

Ox & Dove products are designed to be cherished and enjoyed. With proper care our lead-free glass will retain its brilliance and clarity for generations to come. Simply follow the instructions below and enjoy!


 • Do not microwave or subject the glassware to very hot water or liquids, it may cause the glass to crack or break.

• Our glassware is dishwasher safe. Use mild detergent on a warm gentle cycle. Be sure to place items carefully into the dishwasher.

• Avoid placing glassware into a freezer.

• Decanters with stains or residue can be cleaned by using a ½ cup of uncooked rice, lemon juice or vinegar and warm water.

• For tougher stains, use warm water and a denture cleaning tablet and let soak overnight.

• To avoid discoloration of champagne flutes, empty champagne from flutes and wash and dry after use.