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Chain Collection is inspired by all things in our world that are linked or connected in some form. Its inherent strength combined with an infinite circle of life speaks to the importance of being conscious of all things around us. Handcrafted by master European glass artisans, each lead free crystal piece is individually masked and hand-etched in sets of six. Connect with, share and embrace the life with Chain Collection.

Decanters are service vessels that offer more than just style. Decanting allows wines to properly aerate, balancing their aromas and mellowing their tannins. Sediment is left behind, allowing for a crystal-clear pour. With a deft blend of style and function, our decanters will add beauty to the table while bringing out the best in your red wines.

H: 12” W: 6.75”
Volume: 26 oz.
Drink Type: All wines requiring decantation