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Inspired by a father of modernism, Louis Henry Sullivan’s concept that “form follows function.” The Frost Collection embodies the famous architect’s philosophy described as the symbiosis of aesthetics and functionality. The stylish shape and pulled stems of the Frost Collection convince every enthusiast of this champagne flute's stunning architecture. Handcrafted by master European glass artisans, each lead free crystal piece is individually masked and hand-etched and sold in sets of six. The Frost Collection champagne flutes are created for the discerning consumer that wants an elegant yet durable, one piece pulled stem with sophisticated lines but care not to spend over $30 per stem.

Bordeaux-style glasses are designed for Cabernet Sauvignon based wines but are also perfect for big, tannic wines offering lots of spice, ripe fruit and nuances. The large 23 oz. bowl gives proper room for the bouquet to develop layers of aroma given more empty space in the glass. The narrow opening concentrates these aromas towards your nose. The thin rim directs the wine towards the front of the tongue, allowing fruity flavors to dominate before the flavors of tannins are directed towards the back of the tongue.

H: 9.25” W: 3.75”
Volume: 23 oz.
Drink Type: Bordeaux, Cabernet