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Inspired by love, Infinite Collection features two intersecting paths infinitely intertwined. Infinite is perfect for an inspired wedding, anniversary, or as a simple gift of love. Handcrafted by master European glass artisans, each lead free crystal piece is individually masked and hand-etched and sold in sets of six.

The snifter, long the symbol of affectation, is rendered in a newly sleek and elegant style. A large balloon bowl is combined with a narrow thin rim to bring you all the complexities of bouquet and aromas to your nose without unnecessary evaporation. Perfect for fine Cognac, Armagnac, single-malt Scotch and Belgian Ales. The snifter allows the taster to aerate the elegant nuances and long finishes of fine spirits, prolonging and giving depth to the tasting experience.

H: 6” W: 4”
Volume: 21 oz.
Drink Type: Brandy, Cognac, Grand Marnier, Single Malt Scotch, Belgian Ales