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Inspired by love, Infinite Collection features two intersecting paths infinitely intertwined. Infinite is perfect for an inspired wedding, anniversary, or as a simple gift of love. Handcrafted by master European glass artisans, each lead free crystal piece is individually masked and hand-etched and sold in sets of six.

Possibly one of the first beverages to be called a "cocktail," the Old Fashioned is a classic that has given its name to a glass perfect for all simple, elegant drinks. From a sophisticated Glenlivet on the rocks to a cool, summery Caipirinha; nothing says classy and understated like the weight, curve and simplicity of a classic Old Fashioned glass. Double the size for double the pleasure.

H: 4” W: 3.25”
Volume: 14.75 oz.
Drink Type: Double Old Fashioned, Whiskey Rocks, Rob Roy