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The Teardrop Collection stemless glasses marry the beauty of hand-cut glass with contemporary elegance. The dimpled base helps to diffuse wines, and feels exquisite to hold and touch. Handcrafted by master European glass artisans, each lead free crystal piece is individually diamond wheel cut and sold in sets of six.

From the delicate raspberry flavors of Beaujolais Nouveaux to the sweet dark fruit and spice of California Zinfandel, red wines need to show off their balance of tannin, fruit and aroma. Red wine tasting glasses offer a large bowl and narrowed rim necessary to aerate and concentrate aromas towards the nose while directing flow over the taste zones of the tongue with balance. Suited to a wide array of red wines, they are the perfect glass for the wine connoisseur or the casual home drinker.

H: 3.75” W: 3.75”
Volume: 15 oz.
Drink Type: All Red Wines